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Fiete Match

Reviewed on 5/7/15

Although millions of kids apps use the concept of a memory matching game as one of the elements of their app, this one, which focuses solely on the memory game, rises to the top. First of all, users are playing against an opponent (sailor Fiete himself, who stars in his own series of charming apps) and that opponent sometimes wins and sometimes loses, increasing the pleasure of winning because it’s not a given. One of the most amusing parts of the app is watching Fiete’s reaction after the stacks of winning matches are revealed at the end of each game, indicating the winner. Secondly, there are six different sets of cards users can choose to play with, each with varying degrees of difficulty (from two pictures that match exactly to numbers and sums that match up). Be sure to scroll down to the bottom (under the sea!) to find the parents’ section where users can customize how many cards each game includes (8, 12, or 16), whether Fiete takes it easy on his opponent or makes it very challenging, and turn the sound off or on. The scenery inside the lighthouse changes depending on which set of cards you choose and is sometimes interactive (I especially liked the phonograph near a poster that reads, “Miles Davis” and plays jazzy horn music when tapped). 


When you've played this a few times, try printing out your own memory game.  Here are a few free printable versions available online:  popsicles, donuts, the shapelys

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2