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Fiete Hide & Seek

Reviewed on 6/29/17

Play hide and seek with sailor Fiete!  In this game, Fiete will hide behind rocks, trees or plants.  Players can move the objects out of the way or tap on them to break them into pieces (with very satisfying sound effects).  Want a little help?  Tap on the puppy in the bottom corner of the screen. The dog will sniff Fiete out, bark at him and when Fiete responds, it’s easy to spot where he’s hiding.  There are lots of other animals hiding in each scene too, so even if you don’t uncover Fiete right away, there’s lots to discover.  Scenes are randomly generated and different each time you play, but all are beautiful and get increasingly more complex as you proceed through the game. Be sure to play your own game of hide and seek with friends or family after you’ve found Fiete.  Will you hide outdoors or indoors?  Find a good hiding spot!


Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool