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Endless Spanish

Reviewed on 5/31/15

Learn Spanish vocabulary words, hear both the (Spanish) name of each letter in each word and the sound it makes as you spell it, the hear the word used in a Spanish sentence. Originator has created a Spanish-language version of their popular app, Endless Reader. The new app offers the option to choose between two modes: Spanish Immersion or Spanish with an English translation. Fans of Endless Reader might recognize some of the humorous animations (e.g. they’ve used the same sentence for the word “casa” in this app as the word “house” in Endless Reader), but the opening credits and the little animations between segments are all new for this app and have fun cultural references (a pinata! a bull chasing the little monsters!). There’s even a new mascot monster! Whether you are a Spanish language learner or a native speaker, you will surely love and learn a lot from this fantastic app! (includes more words as an in-app purchase.)

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2