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DNA Play

Reviewed on 10/16/15

Play with DNA and watch your monster change before your eyes! Each game session starts with a sort of blank-slate monster and some “DNA” pieces (four shapes, that represent the four basic building elements of DNA -- A, T, C, & G) that need to be pieced back into their puzzle spots.  As the user puts the puzzle pieces where the belong, this monster’s unique characteristics emerge -- body shape, head shape, eyes, legs, arms, etc. Once all of the puzzle pieces have been put into place, players can move the DNA pieces around to create entirely new characteristics, or just tap on the body part they want to change for a random selection. Throughout gameplay, random elements are offered to the monster (a boombox with dance music, a skateboard to skate around town, etc.) and when players tap on those elements, the monsters interact.  Some features (very short legs) may not lend themselves to certain activities (dancing) and users may decide to alter their monster to improve their performance, or just watch to see what your monster’s special skills are! When you’re done, take a photo of your monster or save it to play again in the future. A playful and amusing introduction to a big STEM concept!

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2