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Crazy Gears

Reviewed on 12/11/15

Learn how gears work together to pull weights and share the load in this game that is engaging for kids and adults! With 99 levels that gradually introduce new elements and challenges, this game has a lot of potential for cross-generational fun. With each new level, players are presented with a number of elements (gears, chains, joints, etc.) and they must figure out a way to combine them that will pull the “screen” on the edge across (like pulling a window shade down). Most of the time, players must use all of the elements provided, but sometimes a puzzle can be solved without using every piece. Are the moving gears moving in the direction you need them to go? What can you do to change their direction if not? Physics, logic and the mechanics of simple machines are concepts all woven into this deceptively simple app.

Age group: Grades K-2