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Cookie Next Door -- Rainy Days

Reviewed on 1/24/16

Note: this app may not work on newer devices.

A graphic novel that invites you to record your own dialogue. Discover the story of Cookie, a sailor on some rough seas, as you create it! Open the cover of this virtual graphic novel and you’ll discover the first page of the story has only pencil sketches. Each pane contains a yellow star (usually in a speech bubble) and if you click on that star, you can record the dialogue you think should happen in that pane.  Once you finish your recording, the illustration changes from a simple pencil sketch to a fully colored (and sometimes animated) scene. For each character in the story, you can choose whether the recording should modulate the voice to be pitched higher or lower.  Once you’ve recorded the entire book, you can watch the whole thing playback in the “theater” area of the app. Although the story ends on a cliffhanger, be assured that Rainy Days II is also available in the app store to double your fun. Engaging and hilarious illustrations that appeal to a wide variety of ages and the imperative storytelling aspect make this a top-notch app pick.

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5