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rainbow colored chameleon with a tail that looks like a camera shutter
Reviewed on 4/6/21

A scavenger hunt for colors that you can play with a group of friends! Create a game by choosing the number of minutes you want to play and how many colors to hunt for. The app will generate a code that you can share with friends (or you can play alone). Once you begin the game you'll see colored circles at the bottom of the screen and whatever your phone camera is looking at. Walk around until you find the color in any of the circles at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the circle takes a photo, then you can move the color viewer around to find the very best match and click again to submit your find. Best if you can play this with friends in person or with speaker phones on. The app does NOT save the photos that it captures during the game, so if you want to share a really good match to brag to your friends, grab a screenshot before you submit it!  It's more challenging than you think to find exact colors, but the mechanics of the gameplay are simple enough for even young children, plus it gets everyone up and moving around! *note: this app does NOT work well for some color blind individuals.