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Busy Shapes 2

Reviewed on 2/6/17

This sequel to Busy Shapes adds a new dimension to the play. In the first highly rated app, players match shapes to the hole that most closely matches the shape (sometimes just by shape, sometimes also by color, texture or pattern).  In this sequel, the holes are often found on different, moving planes than the shapes and players must not only match the shape to the hole, but find a way to get the shape safely past the obstacles and across the moving platforms without falling off. Thankfully, there is still no stress-inducing path to “failure” at this game since a new copy of the shape will reappear in the initial position if your shape falls off the edge of one of the platforms.  Part of some of the puzzles involves exploding “bombs” (classic black sphere with a wick), so if those are too violent for your child, avoid this game.  There are also catapults, icy spots, rivers and barriers to add to the challenge of moving your shape towards its corresponding hole.  Great practice for understanding timing and depth as well as shapes and cause and effect.

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2