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Bring You Home

Reviewed on 3/17/18

Someone has stolen a beloved pet and the small blue owner will go through world after world in order to get his animal companion back. On each level, figure out how to get from the entrance portal to the exit portal. Between the two portals are multiple options like a flip book.  Sometimes you’ll switch between options, slot-machine style, rotating images up or down. Other times the options will need to shift to the right or left. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. Each combination will produce different results and you’ll need to pay attention to the resulting animation to see what works and what doesn’t. The illustrations are incredibly adorable and there’s a wide range of different scenes, keeping the gameplay interesting and intriguing.  This game, by the same makers of Love You to Bits, was not specifically created for children, but is safe and do-able for kids, especially with an adult playing together with them.