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Bogga Magic

Reviewed on 2/24/16

Become a magician’s assistant as you explore this playful app! You choose the colors, the tricks, the items to combine and then see what magic the bear magician will create. One of my favorites is the star box which allows users to choose 2 objects from a set of 10 options and place each object into a separate box. After waving a magic wand, the boxes slide together and the objects are combined into one new object! (e.g. A frog plus a lemon popsicle turns into a yellow frog on a stick) This particular trick is included in the free “Lite” version.  The full version also includes the ability to choose what color the bear’s outfit is, design his magic wand and add three more tricks. Although the gameplay for this app is fairly simple and older kids will be done exploring the whole app rather quickly, it still delights players of all ages and preschool-aged children will find it to be just right.

Age group: Preschool