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Reviewed on 10/9/15

A puzzle app like no other! There are lots of puzzle apps on the market.  Most have jigsaw shaped pieces like a physical puzzle would and they feature a single image that you piece back together like a traditional puzzle.  With AZZL, the puzzles are a looping video clip (about 1-2 seconds long) and there are 9 different types of puzzles (squares, vertical stripes, concentric rings, etc.) and none of them have interlocking jigsaw shaped pieces. The animated pictures feature super cute and happy monsters engaging in silly antics.  Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the animated loop leads into a longer, 30 second animated short that often reveals a surprise ending. Although some of these puzzles can be rather challenging, even for adults, this is a great app to enjoy together with a child, perhaps taking turns moving pieces into their proper orientation.  There is also a "kid mode" that locks a puzzle piece in place once it's correct.

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5