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Alto's Odyssey

Reviewed on 3/12/18

A gorgeous, lush and surprisingly relaxing endless runner game of snowboarding. After a short tutorial on how to play the game, try returning to the home page and activating “Zen mode.” In addition to being a lower stress version that’s more kid-friendly (no points, no “game-overs”) it can make a great “practice” mode for those who might eventually want to move up to the more competitive play version. Users will learn how to time their jumps to land on their feet and use occasional track features like updrafts of wind and passing hot air balloons to go even further and do more amazing stunts.  The creators of this app studied physics of real snowboarding, so it’s about as realistic as a screen version of a physical sport can be. Surprisingly soothing, yet still challenging, this is a great app for older kids through adults.