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All of You

A blue and white chicken runs across a yellow background
Reviewed on 1/9/21

Note: This app is only available on Apple Arcade. A new game from the makers of "Love you to Bits" and "Bring You Home" this app continues on the theme of CUTE cartoony characters on a search for loved ones.  In this case, it's a hapless mother hen searching for her lost chicks. Also like the previous two games, this app has a unique gameplay. Players must help guide the hen through a series of circles by tapping the circles to pause or unpause the action within that circle. The game starts off fairly simply, but increases in difficulty as players complete levels. Some circles cannot be paused, some circles can be flipped or swapped with other circles, increasing the complexity of how puzzles can be solved. Some of the puzzles are solved with logic, others with timing (and a little luck). Although the mother hen sometimes "dies" if the puzzle isn't solved correctly, she comes right back when the level resets and her demise is low-key (often looks like she's just swooning). This would be a fun one for adults and kids to play together.  See what your child can solve without your hints -- they might surprise you by solving it in a way you weren't expecting to work!