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All the World: Better Learning

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Reviewed on 6/18/20

High quality educational videos for kids, with new shows added weekly!  Unlike other kid video apps that usually curate videos that were made for YouTube or another site, the videos for All the World are all made by their own team. They are all on sorts of topics from DIY instructional videos to science explanations to explorations about emotions and everything in between! One of the really special things about this app is that you can choose which language you'd like to watch the videos in (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese or Korean) and hear the same script spoken by a fluent speaker in your chosen language! This app is free to download and you can watch a handful of the videos for free and if you decide that you want to watch the rest of the videos you can subscribe by the month or by the year (at the time of this review, the yearly subscription is only $12 or $1/month). If you're looking for other good video app alternatives to YouTube, check out my Top 5 Video Apps!