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Wild Rumpus: An Anji Play Experience

A Wild Rumpus by Madison Public Library and Madison ParksEnjoy child-led play at A Wild Rumpus based on the educational approach of AnjiPlay. The library will provide special play equipment to spark your children's imagination at two parks this summer. Messy clothes and a water bottle are encouraged. If you'd like, bring along a picnic dinner and make an evening of it!  All ages and abilities welcome.

This award-winning event is created in partnership with the Madison Parks Division and AnjiPlay, and funded in part by a grant from the Madison Public Library Foundation. We can't wait to see the incredible ideas your child will dream up during play!

Upcoming Events: 

Haen Family Park (7702 Tree Lane):

Mondays | 5-7:30PM

Reindahl Park (1818 Portage Rd)

Mondays | 5-7:30PM

No registration needed; all are welcome!

What is Anji Play?

AnjiPlay is an educational philosophy centered on self-determined play, created by Ms. Cheng Xueqin, Director of Early Education in Anji County, China. This approach is based on five pillars: Love, Risk, Joy, Engagement and Reflection.

Why is a library doing Anji Play?

The five practices of early literacy are Read, Write, Talk, Sing and Play.  The deepest intrinsic learning processes that play affords come most authentically during play that the child has chosen to engage in.  The  "reflection" component of AnjiPlay in which children create a "Play Story" after they are done playing is key to the Anji Play experience.  Whether they create drawings, write paragraphs or simply scribble, kids are getting an excellent opportunity to express themselves on paper and reflect on their own experiences.

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