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Calendar Subscription Feeds

How do I use these?

In the table below, there are links to WebCal feeds (.ics calendar feeds) you can use to get events happening at the Library automatically added to your calendar. To subscribe to a calendar, "right-click" on the feed you want and then copy and paste the URL (or "link address") for the feed into your calendar program of choice.

How to actually add the subscription depends on your calendar program:

  • On Google Calendar, you'll need to go to "other calendars" in the sidebar and add a new calendar "From URL."
  • On Apple's Calendar program, go to File --> New Calendar Subscription in the toolbar.
  • On Microsoft Outlook on the web, depending on your version, you'll need to 1) click "Add calendar" and then "From Internet" or 2) click "Discover calendars" and then "From web" or 3) right-click on "Other calendars" and then "Open calendar" and paste the URL in the "Internet calendar" field.

WebCal Feeds

Location All Events By Age By Type
All Locations  
Alicia Ashman Library All Events
Central Library All Events
Dream Bus All Events
Goodman South Madison Library All Events
Hawthorne Library All Events
Lakeview Library All Events
Meadowridge Library All Events
Monroe Street Library All Events
Pinney Library All Events
Sequoya Library All Events