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Nourish You: Self-Care Retreat

The Nourish You: Self-Care Retreat was held for women who don’t always feel included in mainstream self-care offerings.

As part of the Madison Public Library program, Library Takeover, this event took place on Sunday, September 23rd at the Central Library 3rd floor 201 W Mifflin Street Madison, WI.

Library Takeover Nourish YouFun stats from the event, shared by the organizing team:

Over 50 women and 5 children attended
4 UW College assistants attended
Over 7 women of color-owned vendors participated

The team received great reviews and commentary about their event because of the multicultural focus and their ability to open their circle to immigrant women who only spoke Spanish. 

Photography and videography by Duke Virginia

More about the organizing team: 

Venus Washington - YouTube | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Jasmine Timmons - Instagram | Website
Araceli Esparza - Instagram | Website
Nikki Cook - Instagram | Facebook​ | Website



This program was made possible in part by generous support from: