Wisconsin Fiction Authors

  • Atkins, Ellen
  • Amos, Beth (also writes as Annelise Ryan)
  • Ansay, A. Manette
  • Bergland, Martha
  • Bledsoe, Alex
  • Bloch, Robert
  • Bowen, Michael
  • Briggs, Hazel
  • Butler, Nickolas
  • Celello, Erin
  • Cherry, Kelly
  • Chiaverini, Jennifer
  • Corbett, Elizabeth
  • Daly, Maureen
  • Derleth, August
  • De Weese, Gene
  • Dopp, Peggy
  • Dorner, Marjorie
  • Ellis, Mel
  • Engberg, Susan
  • Enright, Elizabeth
  • Ernst, Kathleen
  • Eunson, Dale
  • Ferber, Edna
  • Fogle, James
  • Fromm, Pete
  • Frucht, Abby
  • Gale, Zone
  • Gard, Robert
  • Garland, Hamlin
  • George, Margaret
  • Griffin, Neal
  • Hamilton, Jane
  • Harms, Kelly
  • Harris, Shaun
  • Hunnicutt, Ellen
  • Kittredge, Mary
  • Kubly, Herb
  • Logan, Ben
  • Magnuson, Mike
  • Mitchard, Jacquelyn
  • Monette, Sarah (also writes as Katherine Addison)
  • Moore, Lorrie
  • Mori, Kyoko
  • North, Sterling
  • Olds, Bruce
  • Olsen, Theodore V.
  • Petrie, Nicholas
  • Phillips, Larry
  • Rhodes, David
  • Rothfuss, Patrick
  • Ruchti, Cynthia
  • Rusch, Kristine
  • Schwandt, Stephen
  • Sharp, Paula
  • Schwarz, Christina
  • Schwandt, Stephen
  • Shaw, Janet Beeler
  • Simpson, Mona
  • Steuber, William
  • Straub, Peter
  • Thalasinos, Andrea
  • Vukelich, George
  • Watson, Larry
  • Westcott, Glenway
  • Wilder, Thornton
  • Wildgen, Michelle

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I am looking for a book by an author from Wisconsin. The book is about the stoning of a Jewish woman. It is fiction/historical fiction. The author's first name is Ken. The word dance or dancing is in the title. I know this is very limited info to go on but I'm hoping...Thank you.

I've written and published 3 fiction books, and I've lived in WI my whole life. How do I get on this list?

Don't miss Alex Bledsoe of Mt. Horeb! He has several different series and spoke at the Baraboo Public Library last year. Robin

I just found a book called Romance and Revolution by Martin Sindell published by Paramount Publishing Company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1918. Does anyone know this author?

Thank you.

Patty. funyettabooks.

I believe Kris Radish is also from WI.

David Rhodes; novels include "Driftless" (set in, you guessed it, the driftless area of WI)

Kathleen Hale (No One Else Can Have You) and Cayla Kluver (Legacy Trilogy) are both YA Authors from Wisconsin.

Thanks for this great list. Wisconsin Regional Writers' Association (wrwa.net) is always looking for articles on Wisconsin authors for Creative Wisconsin. Visit the web site for more information. I'm a Wisconsin author too...LisaLickel.com.

I would suggest you add Sienna Jacks and A TIME OF THE BAD WIND. I love this.

Jill Florence Lackey, Phd
Urban Anthropology Inc.

You might also want to add Sienna Jacks and the Tall House mysteries.

You are very welcome!  We are pleased to hear that the list is being used by your group.

You need to add Kathleen Ernst of Middleton - Old World Murder is her latest.

Done!  Thank you for letting us know.

PJ Tracy (Pat Lambrecht) was born and raised in Brillion, Wisconsin