Carissa's App Picks for Kids

Carissa's App Picks for Kids

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Robot Factory
Reviewed on 06/05/17

Design your own robot, then take it for a walk in the great outdoors and see how it handles the environment!  Will your robot, walk,...

Little Kitten
Reviewed on 04/30/17

Is your child a fan of small, adorable furry animals? (Who isn’t?) Then they will love the photo-realistic kitten in this app.  Enjoy...

Sago Mini Town
Reviewed on 04/30/17

Build a world for your favorite Sago Mini characters to explore! There are five types of building blocks to choose from (desert, road,...

Shake the Tree
Reviewed on 04/24/17

Shake the tree and see what falls out! This simple app, based on their book with the same title (currently available only in the Italian...

Sago Mini Puppy Preschool
Reviewed on 04/18/17

I am a huge fan of Sago Mini’s play-based app collection, so when I heard that they were putting out this app with “light educational...



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Carissa's App Picks for Kids

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