Carissa's App Picks for Kids

Carissa's App Picks for Kids

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Artie's Magic Pencil
Reviewed on 08/20/16

Help Artie use his Magic Pencil to repair all of the destruction caused by a wayward dinosaur! Artie discovers a magic pencil wedged into a...

Age: Preschool
Reviewed on 08/19/16

Build your own skyline full of towering buildings and explore how the insides work. Players begin with one building.  They can add...

Age: Grades K-2
Fiete Sports
Reviewed on 08/01/16

Celebrate the Olympics with this free app for kids! Our favorite little sailor, Fiete, is back with a new app just in time for the summer...

Age: Preschool
Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts
Reviewed on 08/01/16

Photo scavenger hunts ready to play on your mobile device! From hunts to keep your family engaged and entertained in the car or at a...

Attributes by Math Doodles
Reviewed on 07/22/16

A hand-drawn app about math skills with surprisingly few numerals. Daren Carstens of Carstens Studios wanted to show kids how genuinely...



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Carissa's App Picks for Kids

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