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Reduce Your Fines

"I checked out 3 books for my baby sister and she spilled juice on them.  Now I have a charge of $36 on my library card and I can't check out any more books."

"I checked out 3 DVDs two years ago and lost them.  Now I owe the library $78!"

"I lost my card at school, and now I have a $50 charge for CDs I didn't check out."

Sound familiar? 

If fines have you down, check with us to see if we can work with you to reduce the fines or charges that are on your card. Once we find a solution, you can start checking out books and DVDs again. 

Fill out our Reduce Your Fines form, or contact our Borrower Services Manager, Margie Navarre Saaf, to find out more. She can be reached by phone at 266-6362 or by email at