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Although Sago Mini already had an app called "Planes," this newest app in ... it's also got a lot of the signature silly elements of all Sago Mini apps (my favorite is the x-ray machine!).  This ...

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... then watch what silly things happen when your favorite Sago Mini characters drink them! First, choose the basic juice ... when your juice is ready, serve it to your favorite Sago Mini character and watch what happens!  Will they turn ...

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... apps or if you haven't purchased any (or many) of the Sago Mini apps and especially if you're looking for some great ... children, then THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!  Every single Sago Mini app in the app store (there are currently 30!) ...

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... Baby Robin, Baby Jinja and Baby Jack in this classic Sago Mini app. Choose an outfit and accessories and watch each ... them all up again!  If you love this app and want more Sago Mini Babies action, check out the app called Sago Mini ...

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Similar in format to Sago Mini Road Trip or Sago Mini Airplanes, in Trains players must first choose ...

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Visit seven Sago Mini friends in each of their apartments and discover what ... their own favorite activity.  In addition to the familiar Sago Mini characters, we’ll also get to know Astrid the ...

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Design a fancy hat for your Sago Mini friends -- you can even try the hat on your own head! ... maker.  Each customer arrives (a standard collection of Sago Mini characters plus a new introduction: Larry the ...

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Another Sago Mini world to explore -- this one is all about camping! ... to make some s'mores over a candle in your house, try out Sago Mini Camping. You can experiment with throwing food items ...

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Canadian developer, Sago Mini, really knows how to have fun in the snow!  This app, ... you’ve selected your ride, choose which of your favorite Sago Mini characters to take on a ride down the snowy hill. ...

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I am a huge fan of Sago Mini’s play-based app collection, so when I heard that ... it for months.  Silly me.  I should have trusted that if Sago Mini was going to do “educational” content, they ...

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