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Online Resources

Basic and agricultural statistics on every state in the U.S., compiled by the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The permament collection of all laws and resoultions enacted in each session of the Congress.

a free digital platform that brings together content documenting African American history and culture to illuminate parts of our history that have not been enough broadly accessible.

The materials aggregated and presented in Umbra represent those that have been collected by libraries, archives, and cultural heritage organizations, and the specific selections that have, to date, been digitized and made openly available online. Currently, over 400,000 digital items are made available from over 500 institutions.

A monthly schedule of events targeting Madison's African American community
Web site | Archived copies at the Central Library (December 1992 - present), two years of archives at Hawthorne and South Madison Libraries.

Searchable site with numerous statistics for the cities, states, and the nation., including a current population finder, local area profiles, and current economic indicators. Includes links to the Statistical Abstract .and the latest 2010 Census reports. In addition, under "Related Sites," provides links to state and international data centers. See also U.S. Census Publications (all census publications back to 1793)

Information about courts, including the Supreme Court, district courts, and bankruptcy information and forms.

This is the official handbook of the Federal government, providing information on the agencies of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government. In addition, it includes information on quasi-official agencies, boards, committees, commissions, and international organizations.

The University Book Store proudly supplies the academic community with textbooks, supplies and tools for the mind.  The University Book Store is a private organization that accepts no aid or funding from the University or state of Wisconsin.

Links to online exhibits, many featuring aspects of Wisconsin history including a full collection of Wisconsin Blue Books, as well as materials from all University of Wisconsin campuses and many Wisconsin public libraries.

Useful, official advice and resources for starting, financing, and managing a small business. The start-up kit and the business plan outline are especially useful.

Formerly, this official portal to access United States government information and services. For spanish version see:

federal government employment

Information about the UW Astronomy Department's Space Astronomy Laboratory's interactive education center.

Search multiple used/rare book resources at once: AbeBooks, Alibris, Antiqbooks, Bibliophile, livre-rare-book...