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Online Resources

Information for all fifty states and seven territories, including state flags (picture and description), state symbols, political and geographical information, and a direct link to the state's official web page.

The web site for the Capital Times entertainment weekly.

Provides access to the inventory of 12,000+ booksellers from around the world for new, used, rare, or out-of print books.

Apartment listings for Madison, WI area as well as links to similar services in other cities.

A local not-for-profit organization providing affordable and comprehensive medical, dental, and behavioral health care services.

Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for

Over 60 free articles, and links to more information and national support groups.

Adherents.Com is an independent internet initiative which collects adherent statistics and religious geography citations. Religions are indexed by location as well as by name. Users can find answers to such questions as "What percentage of the world is Muslim?" or " How many Lutherans live in the United States?" Summary Statistics offer quick links to helpful lists like the world's major religions ordered by size, the largest religious groups in the U.S., and branches.

50 million + new, used, and out of print books.

This site includes jazz news, reviews, interviews, articles, festivals and more.

DoctorFinder provides you with basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States. Formally AMA Physician Select

A survey of some 3 million plus housing units annually. Data available annually and at 5 year intervals. Replaced the long form of 2010 census.

Easy access to some of the Bureau's largest and most widely-used data sets. Users can create a variety of tables, reports, or maps with information on their community, the economy, or American society in just a few steps.

Features a searchable database of apartments in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Janesville/Beloit metropolitan areas.