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Quick Guide to Newspaper Articles and Newspapers

There are many ways you can go about finding newspapers and newspaper articles at the library.

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Newspaper Articles

Local and national newspaper articles are now available at Newspaper Source Plus (1997-present for Madison newspapers) by way of the newly expanded EBSCOhost database. At this time, Newspaper Source Plus does not include the Capital Times archive. 

If you're looking for newspaper information after 1853 and two years prior to current year, check Newspaper Archive. It includes close to 30 million scanned pages. Not all newspapers and dates are represented, but it's certainly worth a look.

You can find current U.S. news content, as well as archives that stretch back into the 1980s, at US Newsstream

Archives for recent years are also included in the Wisconsin Newspapers Digital Research Site (2005 to the present--Capital Times and Isthmus included), with a delay of 60 days.

Another source for articles in The Capital Times and The Wisconsin State Journal is

Full Issues of Newspapers

The library owns the following papers:

Newspaper Location and Holdings
Afro-AmericanNewspaper (Washington D.C.) South Madison, hold for one month
Badger Herald Central, 1974 to present
Barron's all location except South Madison and Central, holdings vary
Capital Times all locations, holdings vary (Central holds 1917 to present)
Chicago Sun-Times Central
Chicago Tribune (Daily) all locations ecept Meadowridge, Sequoya, and South Madison, holdings vary
Chicago Tribune (Sun. only) Central
Christian Science Monitor Central and Monroe Street, holdings vary (Central holds 1992 to present)
Daily Cardinal Central holds 1917 to present, with some gaps
Federal Jobs Digest Central,six months
Isthmus Central, 1991 to present with some back archives (many neighborhood libraries have current week copies for distribution)
Madison Times Central and South Madison, holdings vary (Central holds 1994 to present)
MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel (Daily) Central, Lakeview, Monroe Street and Sequoya, holding vary (Central holds for one year)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Sun. only) all locations, holdings vary (Central holds for one year)
National Ad Search Central, one year
New York Times (late edition) Daily) Central, Lakeview, Monroe Street and Sequoya, holdings vary (Central owns 1935 to present)
New York Times (Sun. only) all locations except Meadowridge, holdings vary (Central holds 1935 to present)
Nuestra Comunidad in La Nacion South Madison, hold for one month
Peoples Daily (Chinese) Sequoya,hold for two months
Simpson Street Press South Madison, hold for one month
USA Today Central, Hawthorne, Lakeview, Pinney, Sequoya (Central holds for one year)
Wall Street Journal (Eastern ed.) all locations, holdings vary (Central holds from 1960 to present)
Wisconsin State Journal (Daily) all locations, holdings vary (Central holds 1852 to present)

Other Wisconsin and National newspapers are kept at the State Historical Society Library or the Memorial Library on the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus.


The Central Library of Madison Public Library keeps paper classifieds on file of all the papers it receives. In addition, many current classifieds can be located online on a specific newspaper's web site. To locate classified ads in a specific newspaper or all newspapers in a geographic region, try our recommended newspaper sites.


Obituaries in the Wisconsin State Journal can be obtained in a variety of ways. See our Obituaries page for more information.