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Jobs & Careers

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Job Hunting

Local classifieds and forums - community moderated, and largely free
The Dane County Job Center is a central location for people looking for work and businesses that need help finding qualified applicants.
Look for jobs, fill out applications, write resumes, and more.  Great starting site.
Search job openings in the Madison area
The Department of Human Resources serves the District and the community by establishing, developing, recognizing and maintaining a quality work force for the education of our students.
A good gateway to lots of links.
Links to classified (state) and unclassified (academic) positions available at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For student jobs, see the UW Student Job Center.



Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal jobs section
Online articles from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
by state or city


Information and Advice

Compare high school diploma and higher education resources at this interactive site which offers choices for researching your education or career choice.  Appropriate for teens and adults, with lots of video content and direct links to educational institutions.


Wages and Salaries

wages by geographic area
find occupational descriptions
Click on “Subject Area: Pay & Benefits”
A great Wisconsin state resource with labor and occupational data, salary ranges, JobNet, and many other links for both job seekers and employers.


Government Jobs

Find a career with the City of Madison
Employment opportunities in Dane County
Job descriptions and requirements at Madison Public Library
The official State of Wisconsin governement job site.
federal government employment