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ROAR: An Urban Shapeshifter Story

ROAR book cover

Sy’noba, a young female lioness with roots from the savanna in Africa finds herself battling with her true identity living in civilization amongst humans. The pride’s king, Koja, who already has two wives has his eyes set on Sy’noba, his first wife little sister. With jealousy brewing in the pride, will Asha turn on her sister, Sy’noba? Will Sy’noba find herself when her back is against the wall or will she become Koja’s third wife? Eze Saber, a young rich man who inherited his family’s business at a young age crosses paths with a familiar feline from his past, but she doesn’t know of him yet. Will sparks fly when she realizes their true identities? Or will, Lynx, Eze’s drop-dead gorgeous roommate interfere with fate? 

This book club kit was purchased with the support of the Madison Public Library Foundation for a Street Lit Book Club Collection at the Goodman South Madison Library. Please call the Goodman South Madison Library at 608-266-6385 to check out this kit.