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Wisconsin Film Festival Titles

Following is a sampling of past Wisconsin Film Festival films that are owned by the library system. For a list of all films featured in the last few years, see the Wisconsin Film Festival.


 cover of Mary and the Witch's Flower
Ash is Purest White (DVD)
Dogman (DVD)
The Good Girls (DVD)
Good Morning (DVD | Blu ray)
Hail Satan? (DVD)
Her Smell (DVDBlu ray)
Hyenas (DVD)
Inquiring Nuns (DVD)
La Religieuse (DVD)
Little Woods (DVD)
Meeting Gorbachev (DVD)
Police Story (DVD | Blu ray)
Rafiki (DVD)
Ralph Breaks the Internet (DVD | Blu ray)
Shadow (DVD | Blu ray)
The Swimmer (DVD | Blu ray)
Tito and the Birds (DVD | Blu ray)
The Tomorrow Man (DVD)
Transit (DVD | Blu ray)
The White Crow (DVD)
Woman at War (DVD)
Yomeddine (DVD)


 cover of Mary and the Witch's Flower
American Animals (DVD | Blu ray)
Apostasy (DVD)
Bad Genius (DVD)
Beauty and the Dogs (DVD | Blu ray)
The Blood is at the Doorstep (DVD)
Blue Collar (DVD)
Custody (DVD | Blu ray)
Fear and Desire (DVD | Blu ray)
Filmworker (DVD)
First Reformed (DVD | Blu ray)
Godard Mon Amour (DVD)
Good Manners (DVD)
The Great Silence (DVD | Blu ray)
The Guilty (DVD)
Hal (DVD)
Hearts Beat Loud (DVD | Blu ray)
I Am Not a Witch (DVD)
Iceman (DVD)
La Chinoise (DVD)
The Landlord (DVD)
Let the Corpses Tan (DVD)
Let the Sunshine In (DVD | Blu ray)
Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (DVD)
Life and Nothing More (DVD)
Looking Glass (DVD | Blu ray)
Mademoiselle Paradis (DVD)
Makala (DVD)
Mary and the Witch's Flower (DVD | Blu ray)
Oh Lucy! (DVD | Blu ray)
Ravens (DVD)
RBG (DVD | Blu ray)
Revenge (DVD | Blu ray)
Saving Brinton (DVD)
Sollers Point (DVD)
Support the Girls (DVD | Blu ray)
Three Identical Strangers (DVD | Blu ray)
Vanishing Point (DVD | Blu ray)
Tully (DVD | Blu ray)
Western (DVD)
What Will People Say (DVD)
Winter Brothers (DVD)
Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (DVD | Blu ray)
You Were Never Really Here (DVD | Blu ray)


 cover of The 60 Yard Line cover of Contemporary Color cover of Heidi cover of The Lost City of Z cover of Patti Cake$  cover of Neruda

The 60 Yard Line (DVD)
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail (DVD)
Afterimage (DVD | Blu ray)
American Anarchist (DVD)
Broken Lullaby (DVD)
The Challenge (DVD | Blu ray)
Clash (DVD)
Contemporary Color (DVD | Blu ray)
Dina (DVD)
Frantz (DVD | Blu ray) (French/German)
The Freedom to Marry (DVD)
The Front Page (DVD)
The Gold of Naples (DVD)
Golden Exits (DVD)
Goldstone (DVD | Blu ray)
Heidi (DVD)
The Hero (DVD | Blu ray)
I, Daniel Blake (DVD | Blu ray)
Indivisible (DVD | Blu ray)
Killing Ground (DVD | Blu ray)
King Of Jazz (DVD | Blu ray)
Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry (DVD)
The Lost City of Z (DVD | Blu ray)
Lost in Paris (DVD | Blu ray) (French)
Machines (DVD)
Marty (DVD | Blu ray)
My Life as a Zucchini (DVD | Blu ray)
Neruda (DVD) (Spanish)
Nocturama (DVD | Blu ray)
Obit (DVD | Blu ray)
One Week and a Day (DVD | Blu ray) (Hebrew)
Paris 05:59 (DVD | Blu ray) (French)
Patti Cake$ (DVD | Blu ray)
Person to Person (DVD)
Personal Shopper (DVD | Blu ray)
Quest (DVD)
A Quiet Passion (DVD | Blu ray)
The Salesman (DVD | Blu ray) (Persian)
Sami Blood (DVD | Blu ray)
The Son of Joseph (DVD | Blu ray)
Step (DVD)
The Student (DVD)
Things to Come (DVD | Blu ray)
Titicut Follies (DVD)
Time to Die (DVD)
Whose Streets? (DVD)
Wigilia (DVD)



600 Miles (DVD)
Above and Below (DVD)
The Apostate (DVD)
The Blackcoat's Daughter (DVD | Blu-ray)
California Split (DVD)
Cameraperson (DVD | Blu-ray)
Chevalier (DVD) (Greek)
The Club (DVD | Blu-ray) (Spanish)
Cosmos (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
The Fear of 13 (DVD)
The Fits (DVD | Blu-ray)
Growing Up Smith (DVD)
Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (DVD)
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (DVD)
In the Shadow of Women (DVD)
Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (DVD | Blu-ray) (Swedish)
John From (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Keeping Room (DVD | Blu-ray)
Little Men (DVD)
Lolo (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Louder Than Bombs (DVD)
Love & Friendship (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Love Witch (DVD | Blu-ray)
Marguerite (DVD | Blu-ray)
Men & Chicken (DVD | Blu-ray) (Danish)
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (DVD | Blu-ray)
Morris From America (DVD | Blu-ray)
My Big Night (DVD) (Spanish)

My Love, Don't Cross That River (DVD)
Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You (DVD | Blu-ray)
Oddball (DVD)
Operation Avalanche (DVD)
Our Last Tango (DVD) (Spanish)
Paths of the Soul (DVD) (Tibetan)
Phantom Boy (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Presenting Princess Shaw (DVD)

Serial Killer 1 (DVD | Blu-ray)
Sing Street (DVD | Blu-ray)

The Smart Studios Story (DVD)
Starving the Beast (DVD)
Sunset Song (DVD)
Tale of Tales (DVD | Blu-ray)

Tharlo (DVD)
Tickled (DVD)
Tikkun (DVD | Blu-ray)
True Stories (DVD)
Under the Sun (DVD)
Unlocking the Cage (DVD)
Valley of Love (DVD) (French)


Avenging Force (DVD | Blu-ray)
Ballet 422 (DVD | Blu-ray)
Beloved Sisters (DVD | Blu-ray) (German)
The Bottom of the Bottle (DVD)
Boy & The World (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (DVD | Blu-ray) (Silent)
Chimes at Midnight (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Connection (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Electric Boogaloo (DVD)
The End of the Tour (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Farewell Party (DVD) (Hebrew)
Felix and Meira (DVD)
Felt (DVD)
Gemma Bovery (DVD | Blu-ray)
Girlhood (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Gueros (DVD | Blu-ray)
A Hard Day (Blu-ray) (Korean)
How to Change the World (DVD)
The Iron Ministry (DVD) (Mandarin)
The Keeping Room (DVD | Blu-ray)
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (DVD | Blu-ray)
La Sapienza (DVD | Blu-ray) (Italian)
The Lesson (DVD) (Bulgarian)
The Look of Silence (DVD | Blu-ray) (Indonesian and Javanese)
Love at First Fight (DVD) (French)
Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles (DVD | Blu-ray)
Manglehorn (DVD | Blu-ray)
Many Wars Ago (Blu-ray) (Italian)
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (DVD | Blu-ray)
Meru (DVD | Blu-ray)
National Lampoon: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead (DVD | Blu-ray)
Phoenix (DVD) (German)
Results (DVD | Blu-ray)
Roar (DVD | Blu-ray)
Stations of the Cross (DVD) (German)
Tab Hunter Confidential (DVD | Blu-ray)
Theeb (DVD | Blu-ray) (Arabic)
Timbuktu (DVD | Blu-ray) (French/Arabic)
Tu Dors Nicole (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Uncle John (DVD)
White God (DVD | Blu-ray) (Hungarian)


20,000 Days on Earth (DVD | Blu-ray)
Actress (DVD)
The Amazing Catfish (DVD) (Spanish)
American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs (DVD)
The Auction (DVD) (French)
Before You (Blu-ray)
Big Men (DVD)
Black Jack (DVD)
Blackmail (DVD)
Breathe In (DVD | Blu-ray)
A Bucket of Blood (DVD)
Burt's Buzz (DVD | Blu-ray)
Cannibal (DVD) (Spanish)
Coherence (DVD)
Commando - A One Man Army (DVD)
The Congress (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Dance of Reality (DVD | Blu-ray) (Spanish)
The Dark Matter of Love (DVD)
The Dog (DVD)
Dom Hemingway (DVD | Blu-ray)
Dostoevsky Behind Bars (DVD)
Food Patriots (DVD)
Gabrielle (DVD) (French)
The German Doctor (DVD) (German)
Happy Christmas (DVD)
Heli (Blu-ray) (Spanish)
Ida (DVD | Blu-ray) (Polish)
Il Sorpasso (DVD | Blu-ray) (Italian)
Ilo Ilo (DVD) (Mandarin)
The Immortalists (DVD)
In Bloom (DVD) (Georgian)
Intruders (DVD) (Korean)
Joe (DVD | Blu-ray)
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (Blu-ray)
Le Week-end (DVD | Blu-ray)
Lola (1961) (DVD) (French)
Manakamana (DVD | Blu-ray) (Nepali)
Manhattan (DVD | Blu-ray)
Maz-zo-man-nee (Blu-ray)
Memphis (DVD | Blu-ray)
Mystery Road (DVD | Blu-ray)
Obvious Child (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Overnighters (DVD | Blu-ray)
Particle Fever (DVD)
R100 (DVD | Blu-ray) (Japanese)
Rich Hill (DVD)
The Rocket (DVD) (Lao)
The Round Barns of Vernon County (Blu-ray)
The Sacrament (DVD | Blu-ray)
Salvo (DVD) (Italian)
A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness (DVD)
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors (DVD)
Stray Dogs (DVD | Blu-ray) (Mandarin)
Tanta Agua (DVD) (Spanish)
That Guy Dick Miller (DVD)
To Be Takei (DVD)
Tricked (DVD) (Dutch)
Umbrellas of Cherbourg (DVD) (French)
Vertigo (DVD | Blu-ray)
Visitors (DVD | Blu-ray)
Why Don't You Play in Hell? (DVD | Blu-ray) (Japanese)
Wisconsin Rising (DVD)
You and the Night (DVD) (French)
Young and Beautiful (DVD) (French)


56 Up (DVD)
7 Boxes (DVD) (Spanish)
Augustine (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Awful Nice (DVD)
Because It's Small (DVD)
The Bellboy (DVD)
Berberian Sound Studio (DVD)
The Big Gundown (Blu-ray)
Blancanieves (DVD) (Silent)
Brewster McCloud (DVD)
The Brontë Sisters (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Cheap Thrills (DVD | Blu-ray)
Citizen Koch (DVD)
Compliance (Blu-ray)
Computer Chess (DVD)
Dear Mr. Watterson (DVD)
Dragon Gate Inn (DVD) (Mandarin)
Either Way (DVD) (Icelandic)
The Final Member (DVD | Blu-ray)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (DVD)
Grave of the Fireflies (DVD |Blu-ray)
The Hellbenders (DVD)
A Hijacking (DVD | Blu-ray)
I Am Divine (DVD)
In the Fog (DVD) (Russian)
In the House (DVD |Blu-ray) (French)
The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (DVD)
Kon-Tiki (DVD | Blu-ray) (Norwegian)
Leviathan (DVD)
The Librarian and the Banjo (DVD)
Lore (DVD | Blu-ray)
Manhattan (DVD | Blu-ray)
Much Ado About Nothing (DVD | Blu-ray)
Only the Young (DVD)
Paradise: Love (DVD) (German)
Phase IV (DVD | Blu-ray)
Post Tenebras Lux (DVD |Blu-ray) (Spanish)
Radio Unnameable (DVD)
Renoir (DVD | Blu-ray) (French)
Room 237 (DVD | Blu-ray)
Sabata (DVD | Blu-ray)
Sister (DVD) (French)
Solstice (Blu-ray)
Something in the Air (DVD) (French)
Stories We Tell (DVD)
The Thief of Bagdad (DVD)
This is Martin Bonner (DVD)
A Touch of Zen (DVD) (Mandarin)
Unfinished Song (DVD)
The Unspeakable Act (DVD)
The World Before Her (DVD)
You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (DVD) (French)

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