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Stretch your brain and your imagination with these smarty-pants titles.

Cover of Famous Immigrant Scientist
Lo Bosco

Immigrants: they get the job done! The United States’s strength as a world leader in science rests in no small part due to the contribution of immigrants, and you’ll learn about their vital discoveries in this text.

Cover of We Have No Idea:A Guide to

Have you considered space? Humanity's understanding of the physical world is full of gaps. Not tiny little gaps you can safely ignore —there are huge yawning voids in our basic notions of how the world works. PHD Comics creator Jorge Cham and particle physicist Daniel Whiteson have teamed up to explore everything we don't know about the universe: the enormous holes in our knowledge of the cosmos. (Amazon)

Cover of Primates: The Fearless Sci

Three amazing women who have pioneered the field of primatology. Learn about their journeys and their discoveries about our closest relatives.

Cover of It Looked Good on Paper: B

WHO AMONG US hasn’t had a brilliant idea for an invention that would improve the world? This is a book about those brilliant ideas… and their equally hilarious fails. We could all learn a thing or two.