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Nonfiction for Younger Readers 2020

There are so many things to learn about!

Cover of You’re Invited to a Moth
Loree Griffin Burns
Photos by Ellen Harismowicz

Captivating photographs show how to lure in moths in order to study and appreciate them. Approachable text which directly addresses the reader shows the magic of being a citizen scientist right in your own back yard.

Cover of Good Night Stories for Reb
Rebel Girls

Packed with 100 all-new bedtime stories about the lives of incredible female figures from the past and the present, this volume recognizes women who left their birth countries for a multitude of reasons: some for new opportunities, some out of necessity.

Cover of Art This Way
Jason Fulford and
Tamara Shopsin
Phaidon Press

Unfold pages, lift flaps, gaze into mirrors, and interact with art like never before. Inspired by the many ways that art can be viewed and experienced, this book encourages children to spend time with a curated selection of fine art from the Whitney collection - and to dig deeper and consider all angles. Each artwork is showcased with a novelty mechanism and caption, for curious hands and wondering eyes.

Cover of At Home with the Beaver: t
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Photos by Michael Runtz
Web of Life Children’s Books

With accessible text and photographs featuring an animal that some call an “ecosystem engineer,” At Home with the Beaver features the wonders of an active beaver pond, with all of the rich diversity of animal and plant life it supports.

Cover of Skyscraper
Simon & Schuster

Little ones can watch as a towering skyscraper is built on what was once a vacant lot in this beautifully illustrated picture book about trucks and construction from the acclaimed creator of "Nest" and "Fetch." –from the publisher

Cover of Conditionals with The Incr
Lerner Publishing Group

A simple, low-level introduction to conditionals designed for young readers not yet ready for coding on computers. Beloved characters, The Incredibles, draw in readers to new coding concepts.

Cover of Ready to Fly: How Sylvia T
Lea Lyon and
Alexandria LaFaye
Jessica Gibson

Although there aren't many ballet schools that will accept a girl like Sylvia in the 1950s, her local bookmobile provides another possibility. A librarian helps Sylvia find a book about ballet and the determined seven-year-old, with the help of her new books, starts teaching herself the basics of classical ballet. Soon Sylvia learns how to fly--how to dance--and how to dare to dream.

Cover of Destination: Moon

Bestselling science writer Simon takes a visually stunning and very accessible look at the lead up to the 1969 moon landing. Updated, and with an airy design and chock-full of NASA photos and sidebars.

Cover of A Ray of Light: a Book of
Scholastic Press

Wick introduces readers into the mystery behind incandescence, light waves, the color spectrum and iridescence as well how we perceive light in our world and beyond, demonstrating that science and art both offer ways to observe the world around us.

Cover of Can You Hear the Trees Tal
Peter Wohlleben
Translated by Shelley Tanaka
Greystone Kids

Did you know that trees have parents and tree grandparents with wrinkles? That tree kids go to school for hundreds of years? That there’s such a thing as the forest internet? And that trees make us healthy and strong? Wohlleben’s book shares the mystery and magic of the forest.