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Life After High School (Workforce)

Get right in there and make that $$$$.

Cover of The Young Adult's Survival

Preparing for interviews in the job market is something seldom learned in classrooms but is overwhelmingly important for long-term success. Learn tips and practice interviews so you can land that job and shake off the first interview jitters!

Cover of Careers: The Graphic Guide

Everything is more fun with bright colors and nifty charts, even browsing different careers! Check out what the future might hold for you, without taking one of those weird personality tests.

Cover of A Career as a Mobile App D

We love our phones, you guys, and you should definitely be figuring out a way to monetize that device! This book will teach you about careers in mobile app design and distribution so that your product can become the next viral obsession.

Cover of Cool Careers Without Colle

SHAKESPEARE didn’t go to college, so why should you? And you have the added benefit of reading this guide, which will help you find a foothold in beginning a career in writing.

Cover of Cool Careers Without Colle

This guide is what a coding enthusiast needs to get started planning and building a career, all without having to worry about student loans.