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Hispanic and Latine Fiction for YA Readers

Fiction books that have Hispanic or Latine main characters.

Realistic Fiction

Cover of Diamond Park

A fast-paced novel about four Mexican-American teenagers from Houston, a '59 Chevy Impala, and a murder that changes their lives forever.

Cover of High Spirits

A collection of eleven interconnected short stories from the Dominican diaspora and centered on one extended family, the Beléns, across multiple generations.

Cover of It Sounds Like This

A sweet and nerdy contemporary novel set in the world of marching band.

Cover of Our Way Back to Always

Told in two voices, Lou Patterson reconnects with her neighbor and ex-best friend Sam Alvarez, now seniors in high school, after they rediscover their childhood bucket list.

Cover of Ophelia After All

Seventeen-year-old Ophelia Rojas, well known for her rose garden and her dramatic crushes on every boy in sight, begins to question her sexuality and sense of self when she starts to fall for cute, quiet Talia Sanchez in the weeks leading up to their high school prom and graduation.

Cover of This Is Why They Hate Us
Aaron H.

Seventeen-year-old Enrique "Quique" Luna decides to get over his crush on Saleem Kanazi before the end of summer by pursuing other romantic prospects, but he ends up discovering heartfelt truths about friendship, family, and himself.


Cover of Ballad and Dagger
José Older

When sixteen-year-old Mateo and Chela discover each other and their powers during a political battle between neighborhood factions, they set aside their differences to unravel the mystery behind their sunken homeland and to stop a dangerous political operative.

Cover of Echoes of Grace
Guadalupe García

An exploration of  sisterhood, family secrets, intergenerational trauma, life, and love in a modern Gothic setting with a magical realist twist.

Cover of The Lost Dreamer

In this fantasy inspired by ancient Mesoamerica, a lineage of seers defiantly resists the shifting patriarchal state that would see them destroyed.

Cover of Our Shadows Have Claws: 15
Yamile Saied Méndez and
Amparo Ortiz
Ricardo López Ortiz

An anthology of short stories in a range of genres from horror to romance and more featuring monsters from Latine mythology and authors from across the Latin American diaspora.

Cover of The Sunbearer Trials

Transgender demigod Teo is unexpectedly selected for the Sunbearer Trials, a fierce competition among demigod heroes where the winner sacrifices the loser to Sol, their blood fueling the Sun Stones that protect Reino del Sol.

Cover of Together We Burn

Eighteen-year-old flamenco dancer Zarela Zalvidar must work with a disgraced dragon hunter to learn the ways of a Dragador and save her ancestral home.

Cover of The Witch Owl Parliament (
David Bowles and
Raúl the Third

Resurrected by her brother using a forbidden combination of alchemy and engineering, apprentice curandera Cristina vows to protect the Republic of Santander against the lechuzas terrorizing immigrants and plaguing the country.

Paranormal Fiction

Cover of All of Us With Wings
Michelle Ruiz

Seventeen-year-old Xochi's life changed when she became governess to precocious twelve-year-old Pallas, but the duo unintentionally summons a pair of ancient creatures determined to right the wrongs of Xochi's adolescence.

Cover of Burn Down, Rise Up

When an urban legend rumored to trap people inside subway tunnels seems to be behind mysterious disappearances in the Bronx, sixteen-year-old Raquel and her friends team up to save their city--and confront a dark episode in its history in the process.

Cover of Flirting With Fate

Ava Granados arrives too late for her grandmother's deathbed blessing, then Nana appears as a ghost asking for help so Ava, with the help of her two older sisters and bumbling spiritual guide, Medardus, must befriend the mysterious boy who received the blessing the night of the storm.

Cover of The Ghosts of Rose Hill
R. M.

Sent to stay with her aunt in Prague and witness the humble life of an artist, Ilana Lopez, a biracial Jewish girl, finds herself torn between her dream of becoming a violinist and her immigrant parents' desire for her to pursue a more stable career.

Cover of Summer of the Mariposas
Guadalupe García

In an adventure reminiscent of Homer's Odyssey, fifteen-year-old Odilia and her four younger sisters embark on a journey to return a dead man to his family in Mexico, aided by La Llorona, but impeded by a witch, a warlock, chupacabras, and more.

Science Fiction

Cover of Reclaim the Stars: 17 Tale

In this collection of stories by acclaimed young adult authors, the Latin American diaspora travels to places of fantasy and out into space.

Cover of Spin Me Right Round

A sharp and funny novel that's Back to the Future with a twist, as a gay teen travels back to his parents' era to save a closeted classmate's life.

Cover of We Light Up the Sky

Three Latinx teenagers struggle to deal with encounters with an alien, and try to warn the world of the possibility of an alien invasion.

Cover of Thirty Talks Weird Love
Narváez Varela

A 13-year-old girl growing up in Mexico is visited by her 30-year-old future self in this powerful novel in verse about handling depression.

Historical Fiction

Cover of Out of Darkness
Ashley Hope

Loosely based on a school explosion that took place in New London, Texas, in 1937, this is the story of two teenagers: Naomi, who's Mexican, and Wash, who's black, and their dealings with race, segregation, love, and the forces that destroy people.

Cover of Self-Made Boys: A Great Ga

Three teens chase their own versions of the American Dream during the Roaring 20s.

Cover of Rima’s Rebellion: Courag

In 1920s Cuba, Rima is bullied and shunned for her illegitimacy, but finds solace in riding her horse and forges unexpected friendships with others who share her dreams of freedom and suffrage.

Cover of Valiant Ladies

Two teen vigilantes set off on an action-packed investigation to expose corruption and deliver justice inspired by real seventeenth century Latinx teenagers.