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Board Books

Fun board books for babies and toddlers to look at and be read to.

Cover of You Are Getting Sleepy
Monica Mikai

Tick-tock, peek at the clock...It's time for sleep, sweet baby!

Cover of Odd Birds
Gareth Lucas

Introduces babies and toddlers to unusual bird species, including the magnificent frigatebird with a bright red throat pouch and the California condor--the largest flying birds in North America! Gentle rhyming verses provide the comforting repetition that little ones crave, even as their minds are opened to new and fascinating creatures from around the world.

Cover of Orange Excavator
Valeria Petrone

During clean-up day in Tumberton, an orange excavator helps out where he can, making sure the town is in tip-top shape by the end of the day.

Cover of Leo, Rise and Shine
Ruth Hearson

Leo wakes up in the morning and follows his usual routine of breakfast and getting dressed until he is ready for a new day.  (If you love reading about how Leo spends his morning, check out Leo, Sleep Tight!, a cozy book about how Leo and his parents get ready for bed.)

Cover of Eat Together

Combining geometric shapes and food, young readers see how shapes help build different kinds of foods.

Cover of Hello, Beautiful You!
Andrea Davis
Brian Pinkney

Get ready for sweet togetherness as you snuggle up with your little one and show them how truly extraordinary and beautiful they are. With bouncing, rhythmic text from New York Times bestselling author Andrea Davis Pinkney and tender, charming illustrations from Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Award-winning illustrator Brian Pinkney, this joyful celebration is the perfect way to rejoice and teach your child that they too, can spread their light!

(Looking for more lovely board books by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney? Check out Peek-a-You!)


Cover of I’m Still Up!

A soothing and humorous bedtime story with a baby who is still up! This is the ideal board book for baby to read before lying down to sleep.

Cover of After It Rains
Angela Doak

Once the rain stops, what is there to do but go outside and explore your newly wet and sparkly backyard? In this counting board book, young readers will discover all the things the rain brings out: one puddle, four butterflies, nine wiggly worms. Joanne Schwartz's beautifully subtle text is complemented by Angela Doak's collage-style artwork, made with bits of recycled paper and foil wrappers, giving the illustrations interesting layers of color and texture. A great introduction to counting, After It Rains is also a fun introduction to all the activities you can do after the rain!

Cover of Enzo es un bibliotecario /
Jessica Spanyol
Translated by Yanitzia Canetti

 ¿Qué será Enzo hoy? Sigue a Enzo y sus amigos mientras exploran todo lo que hace un bibliotecario en un día. El juego de roles es fundamental para el buen desarrollo de un niño, ya que estimula el lenguaje y las habilidades sociales, y fomenta la confianza en sí mismo. Esta interacción divertida y fraternal de un grupo inclusivo de compañeros de juego, inspirará a los lectores jóvenes a crear sus propios roles, diversos y libres de estereotipos de género.

What will Enzo be today? Follow Enzo and his friends as they explore the many things a librarian does in a day. Role-play is crucial to a child's positive development, boosting language and social skills, and building self-confidence. This humorous and caring interaction of an inclusive group of playmates will inspire young readers to create their own diverse roles, free of gender stereotypes.

(If you enjoy reading about Enzo playing librarian, check out Enzo y su arte / Enzo and his Art and Enzo es un enfermero / Enzo Is a Nurse.)  

Cover of Me and the Family Tree
Carole Boston
Ashleigh Corrin

As a young girl reflects on her family, she notices how she resembles various family members as well as how she is unique.  (If you enjoy Me and the Family Tree, check out Me and My Mama and Grandma and Me, delightful board books also by Carole Boston Weatherford.)

Cover of Baby’s Here
Geneviève Godbout

Rhyming text and sweet illustrations for little ones who love babies or are welcoming a new sibling themselves.