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by Debbie Reese

In the words of blog author and educator Debbie Reese, "... A primary purpose of American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL) is to help you know who we are. Knowing who we are can help you understand why we strenuously object to being misrepresented. Though I am certain that no author ever sets out to deliberately misrepresent who we are in his or her writing, it happens over and over again.... On American Indians in Children's Literature, I publish analyses of children's books, lesson plans, films, and other items related to the topic of American Indians and/or how we this topic is taught in school."


NPR's Code Switch site includes podcasts and blog entries by a team of journalists that consider the shifting realities of race in all aspects of society.

Edutopia--George Lucas Educational Foundation

Education Equity from Edutopia explores how to provide students with the opportunities and tools they need to succeed in school.  Topics discussed include race and identity, poverty, childhood trauma, college readiness and many more. 

Collective of children's librarians and teachers

Primarily aimed at teachers and librarians who work with children, Reading While White considers the state of equity in children's literature, issues of censorship and what may be done to encourage greater representation in library collections and curriculum.  It's curated by librarians and teachers specializing in children's materials.