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Positive Self-Identity

Cover of Skysisters
by Jan Bourdeau Waboose

Two contemporary Ojibway sisters explore on a quiet winter night as they wait for a visit from the SkySpirits, the aurora borealis. A perfect book to cuddle up with, the length of the text is best suited for avid listeners age 4 and up. A pronunciation guide is included at the begining for three Anishinawbe Ojibway words central to the story.

Cover of Of Thee I Sing: A Letter t
by Barack Obama, illustrated by Loren Long

In this tender, beautiful letter to his daughters, President Barack Obama has written a moving tribute to thirteen groundbreaking Americans and the ideals that have shaped our nation. From the artistry of Georgia O'Keeffe, to the courage of Jackie Robinson, to the patriotism of George Washington, President Obama sees the traits of these heroes within his own children, and within all of America's children.

Cover of Where Are You From?
by Yamile Saied Méndez, illustrated by Jaime Kim

When a young girl is asked where she's from--where she's really from--she's no longer as she was. She decides to turn to her dear abuelo for some help with this ever-persistent question. But he doesn't quite give her the answer she expects....

Cover of Who Are You? The Kid's Gui
by Brook Pessin-Whedbee

Who are you? is an introduction to gender for ages 3+, with straightforward language for talking about how we experience gender: our body, our expression,and our gender identity. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home, it includes an interactive wheel and a guide for adults, explaining key concepts and identifying useful discussion points.

Cover of Who We Are! All About Bein
by Robbie H. Harris

Join Nellie, Gus, baby Jake, and their parents at Funland as they go on rides, watch performers, and play games along with many other children and grown-ups. As they enjoy their excursion, they notice that people are the same as one another in lots of ways, and different in lots of ways too. Helps children realize why it's important to treat others the way they want to be treated whether a person is a lot like you or different from you, a good friend or someone you have just met or seen for the first time.

Cover of Wild Berries: Pikaci-mīn
by Julie Flett

Clarence and his grandmother pick wild blueberries and meet ant, spider, and fox in a beautiful woodland landscape.  Text is English with some words also in the n-dialect of Cree (also known as Swampy Cree, from the Cumberland House area). Includes pronunciation guide and recipe for wild blueberry jam.

Cover of Wow! It Sure Is Good To Be
by Cynthia Jabar

A young girl learns that she is loved and appreciated for being a very special person.

Cover of Yo soy Muslim
by Mark Gonzales, illustrated by Amini Mehrdokht

A lyrical celebration of multiculturalism as a parent shares with a child the value of their heritage and why it should be a source of pride, even when others disagree.