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Wisconsin Film Festival Collection

WFF Collection

Bring the Wisconsin Film Festival home by checking out one of the past featured films!

2019 Films include: 

 cover of Mary and the Witch's Flower

Ash is Purest White (DVD)
Dogman (DVD)
The Good Girls (DVD)
Good Morning (DVD | Blu ray)
Hail Satan? (DVD)
Her Smell (DVDBlu ray)
Hyenas (DVD)
Inquiring Nuns (DVD)
La Religieuse (DVD)
Little Woods (DVD)
Meeting Gorbachev (DVD)
Police Story (DVD | Blu ray)
Rafiki (DVD)
Ralph Breaks the Internet (DVD | Blu ray)
Shadow (DVD | Blu ray)
The Swimmer (DVD | Blu ray)
Tito and the Birds (DVD | Blu ray)
The Tomorrow Man (DVD)
Transit (DVD | Blu ray)
The White Crow (DVD)
Woman at War (DVD)
Yomeddine (DVD)

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Apr 1, 2019