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Who Matters? Women's History Edition

Who Matters WHM CIO

Who Matters? Women's History Edition is a story gathering + photography project intended to create a space, physical and online, where women can talk to and listen to other women.

Come share a story about growing up in or living in Madison, particularly about being a woman navigating education, community, the workplace, a faith community, family life, or social life in Madison. The goal is to record short conversations with women about their history in Madison and how being a woman in various Madison spaces affected their experience.

Event Details

Story gathering & photography day is Saturday, June 15 between 10:00am and 3:00pm at Central Library.

You can sign up to record a two-way conversation, where both people are sharing their experiences, or one person can interview the other.

Sign up in pairs to record a short (5-20 minute) conversation and have your photograph taken by local artist Jennie Bastian. Please call the reference desk at 608-266-6350 to sign up for a recording time.

Questions to get you started include (but are not limited to!):

  • Tell me about your history in Madison.
  • When you think about your history in Madison through the lens of gender, are there moments that stick out to you as particularly memorable?
  • How has being a woman in [xy workplace] affected your experience there?
  • Tell me about your experience being a woman engaged in [xy political work, faith community, neighborhood].

Recording stations will be set up and librarians will be available to help with any technical trouble-shooting and to answer any questions. 

For more information, please call the reference desk at 608-266-6350.

Generously funded by the Madison Public Library Foundation

Apr 15, 2019