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Upcoming Author Events

WBF March Highlights CIO

Enjoy Wisconsin Book Festival events all year round! Several incredible authors are headed your way in March, so make plans to join us. 

All Wisconsin Book Festival events are free and open to the public, no tickets or registration required. 

Upcoming Events

Wilson WBF Graphics CIO

Emily Wilson for The Odyssey
February 28, 7:30PM at Central Library

Survival Math graphic

Mitchell Jackson for Survival Math
March 8, 6PM at Central Library

Body Not Apology graphic

Sonya Renee Taylor for The Body is Not an Apology
March 11, 7PM at Mitby Theater

Tiana Clark graphic

Tiana Clark for I Can't Talk About the Trees Without the Blood
March 12, 7PM at Central Library

Era of Ignition graphic

Amber Tamblyn for Era of Ignition
March 13, 7PM at Central Library

Poetry MFAs graphic

Creative Writing MFA Graduates Poetry Reading
March 25, 7PM at Central Library

See all upcoming Wisconsin Book Festival events at wisconsinbookfestival.org

February 22, 2019