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Upcoming Author Events

WBF May June Events

Enjoy Wisconsin Book Festival events all year round! Several incredible authors are headed your way in May and June, so make plans to join us. The complete list of events can be found at wisconsinbookfestival.org.

All Wisconsin Book Festival events are free and open to the public, no tickets or registration required. 

Upcoming Events

Native Country of the Heart

Cherríe Moraga for Native Country of the Heart
April 30, 7PM at Central Library

UW Fellows Awards

Creative Writing Awards Ceremony
May 2, 7PM at Central Library

Bettina Love

Bettina Love for We Want to Do More Than Survive
May 8, 6:30PM at Mitby Theater

Lunch for Libraries Celeste Ng

Lunch for Libraries with Celeste Ng (Tickets Required)
May 15, 7PM at Monona Terrace

Good American Family

David Maraniss for A Good American Family
May 28, 7PM at Central Library

Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks and Patrick Rothfuss for The Stiehl Assassin
June 6, 7PM at Central Library

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner for We've Been Here All Along
June 25, 7PM at Central Library

See all upcoming Wisconsin Book Festival events at wisconsinbookfestival.org

April 30, 2019