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Two Artists Selected for Pinney Public Art Pieces

Two renderings of each artist's public art piece at new Pinney Library

Madison Public Library is excited to announce the artists selected for two permanent art installations at the new Pinney Library: Yeonhee Cheong and Michael Velliquette.

Over 120 people submitted applications during Madison Public Library’s call for public art, ranging from artists residing around the corner from Pinney Library to those across the country. With the help of two public forums and a selected jury, the library narrowed it down to six finalists and then their final selection.

Cheong’s piece will be entirely hand-embroidered to represent the vastness of the Wisconsin prairie. The artist’s work will be installed inside the library, a space that’s inspired a deep, personal connection. “Pinney Library was the place to go when my child was a toddler… As a new mom and immigrant, I did not know what to do with my child, particularly in a foreign country. Free library programs offered some chances for my child and I to get out of the house, get to know the U.S. childhood culture, and meet friends in the neighborhood,” Cheong explains.

The outdoor installation by Velliquette, titled Power Flow, is a sculptural mural about collective interconnectivity to represent the powerful currents and flows of life. He says, “Our libraries provide a physical space where individuals spanning Madison’s diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds can come together and engage with their neighbors … The artwork is designed to celebrate the public library’s multiple roles as a nexus for community-building, as well as the space for self-enrichment and reflection.”

Madison Public Library received funding for the two unique public art pieces in the new Pinney Library through a $15,000 Art in Public Places Grant from the Madison Arts Commission and Madison Public Library Foundation.

Learn more about the selected artists, artwork, and the selection process at madisonbubbler.org/new-pinney-library-public-art


The new Pinney Library is located at 516 Cottage Grove Road and is expected to open to the public in the spring of 2020. Pinney Library is currently operating at an interim facility at 211 Cottage Grove Rd. 

For more information on the new library, visit madisonpubliclibrary.org/pinney

Jul 18, 2019