"Troika" on display at Sequoya through October

photo of painting showing mountains and a night sky

In an arresting array of photographs, mixed-media collages, and oil and acrylic paintings, Karen Reppen, Kayliegh Mandt, and Jeff Livesey present “Troika” a new art exhibit at the Sequoya Branch Library, located on the corner of Tokay and Midvale boulevards on Madison’s west side. The show will be running through October.

Sometimes, when one person’s fortune turns, so do others. “When I walked in to the library a few weeks ago, I noticed blank walls where artwork is usually displayed,” explains Reppen. “when I asked the librarian about it, I learned that the person scheduled to put up a show this term was unable to do so. I immediately assured the him that I’d be happy to fill the space for him!

“The pieces I’m exhibiting in this show are all part of a stash of past work that hasn’t displayed for a while,” says Reppen. “I’d been thinking that it was time to bring it out from hiding, so this seemed to be a great opportunity for that. Coincidentally, two of my friends told me recently that they were making art and wanted to start exhibiting. But because neither had experience organizing a show before, they didn’t really know how to make it happen. Well, this seemed to be a perfect invitation to begin, so I asked for and got approval to share display space with them. I am absolutely thrilled they now have a place to introduce their work in such a beautiful way.”

photo of artwork by Karen ReppenAll three artists work very differently. Reppen draws upon imagery she observes through everyday occurrences to produce a range of work that varies from simple and straight-forward, to wildly complex and deeply emotional.

“My art gives me a chance to use kinesthetic and visual communication channels to express myself,” says Reppen. “It comes more naturally than words, and I appreciate the flexibility that working in multiple mediums allows. Combining paper, pigment, found objects, and other materials both creates and uses energy. Color, texture, pattern, and light can be juxtaposed in so many ways. Although I enjoy other art forms like drawing and jewelry making, I love the spontaneity and immediacy that comes with the camera and collage techniques I’m using now. Each piece allows me to explore and discover something new, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, and the usual into unusual.”

31-year-old painter Kayleigh Mandt, creates abstract swirls of awesomeness using a combination of acrylics, all sorts of mediums and fire. Though the artist is from Madison, her work feels as though it came from an entirely different galaxy. Her paintings are nothing short of celestial—though the colors change piece to piece, she maintains the same mineral-like and galactic visuals that transcends our Earthly imaginations.

“My main goal is to stir up some kind of emotion,” says Mandt. “Hopefully you can find something in my work that speaks to your inner self and the light that dwells there…no matter what emotion you might get, the important thing is just that you are feeling something.”

Jeff Livesey finds solace by painting unusual landscapes that draw viewers into new and mysterious realms. His imaginative work provides an soothing, yet energizing escape from his busy life as a father, businessman, and sports enthusiast.

“I am inspired by things that catch my eye in everyday life,” explains Livesey. “I also, love to embellish on things I have seen in nature and bring a slightly mysterious component to them. I find a great deal of serenity and self-reflection in my paintings, and that is what keeps me painting over and over again.”

Troika will be running through the end of October. Prices and contact information can be obtained at the reference desk at the Sequoya branch library.