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Toys Return to Madison Public Libraries

A kid plays with a toy at Madison Public Library's Pinney Library location

We know that PLAY MATTERS. We know that play is SERIOUS LEARNING for children. Play supports PRE-LITERACY and is one of the five practices of Every Child Ready to Read, too (the others are talk, sing, read and write)! Self-directed play is not only fun and joyful, it also helps children learn problem-solving, interpersonal communication, emotional regulation, and many other skills that they will need throughout their lives.

Parents and caregivers have been eager to have toys available to play with again at the library, and we are happy to share that all libraries will have toys available by Friday, July 16.

Each location also has a toy cleaning plan that will allow for regular cleaning of toys. Please check with youth services staff if you'd like to learn more about the toy cleaning plan at your library location.

Jul 8, 2021