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Poetry Residence CIO

The poet is in.

Visit Monroe Street Library to wax or wane poetic with Madison writer Susan Podebradsky as she presents her weekly "Poet-in-Residence” hours during National Poetry Month -- April 2019.

4/6 at 10:00am - Saturday
4/12 at 4:00pm - Friday
4/16 at 4:00pm - Tuesday
4/24 at 4:00pm - Wednesday 

Susan is part of a local pop-up, public poetry project called Spontaneous Writing Booth (SWB). Spontaneous Writing Booth is a collective of poets currently organized by writer, Dana Maya. SWB brings poetry-on-demand to events around town giving poetry a place in the social realm and creating the opportunity for people to experience poetry in a personal way.

This pilot Poet-in-Residence spin on Spontaneous Writing Booth places a singular poet in a neighborhood library to hang out with patrons and write or share poems as she wishes. Patrons are also invited to chat with the poet about their favorite poems or try writing a poem on the spot.

Poet Podebradsky should be easy enough to find, she will be the poet by the sign that reads, “The Poet is In.”

April 8, 2019