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Messaging this Moment: Progressive Wins from Around the World

Messaging this Moment

Central Library - November 2, 3-4pm

Anat Shenker-Osorio, host of the podcast Brave New Words, joins Carousel Bayrd, civil rights attorney and County Board supervisor. in conversation about why certain messages falter where others deliver, based on her work of helping craft messaging for and advising campaigns around the world.

Following the 2016 elections, Anat led the research for the Race-Class Narrative, a groundbreaking national effort to understand how voters come to judgments about race and class and which messages mobilize the progressive base while persuading the middle.

Join us as Anat walks us through these and other findings, showing how applying empirically backed insights on perception, persuasion and mobilization led to wins on difficult issues from beating back Islamophobia in Minnesota to winning police reform in Washington to liberating people seeking asylum in Australia to repealing the ban on abortion in Ireland.

Registration is encouraged, but drop-ins also welcome.

Oct 25, 2019