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Madison Public Library, Forward Madison FC and The Flock Surprise Local 12-Year-Old Author

Tikeh Tazeh, 12-year-old local author of Hat Trick, gets celebrated and supported by the Madison Public Library

“I wrote the book to encourage kids like me to use the talents they have to do great things,” said Tikeh. “Whether that’s playing soccer, dancing, playing an instrument or writing, etc...children can do extraordinary things and we have to show the world what we are capable of.”

Those are the words of 12-year-old author Tikeh Tazeh, who recently finished his first book entitled Hat Trick. His family reached out to the Madison Public Library to tell us about the book and we were excited to help share his story. Tikeh loves soccer and felt like there weren't enough books about it for his grade level. Instead of shrugging it off, he decided to solve the problem himself by writing his own book.

We were happy to support this young author by adding 5 copies of Hat Trick to the shelves at Madison Public Library, but we decided to take things a step further to celebrate Tikeh's accomplishment. We worked with the Wisconsin Book Festival and tapped our friends at Forward Madison FC and The Flock to help surprise Tikeh! Check out the video and read the full Impact Story!

Jan 25, 2021