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Madison Loves the Seed Library

Jul 22, 2021
Seed Library at Madison Public Library

This year, the Madison Public Library's Seed Library has been incredibly popular! We've given away nearly 2,000 seed packets to date from our two participating libraries, including flowers, herbs and produce seeds. 

At Goodman South Madison:

We've given away just over 1,000 seed packets. Our most popular seeds include beet, watermelon, spinach, and squash. By category of seed, we've given away: 

  • 255 flower packets
  • 220 herb packets
  • 580 veggie packets

Stand Out Moments:

  • This was our first year offering flower seeds and they were very popular. We hope to be able to offer more next year as we have only two varieties left to offer this summer.
  • Herbs were popular again this year. We offered eight varieties including: Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Garlic Chives, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, & Sage.
  • We expanded our vegetable and fruit seeds this year adding melons, squash, cucumbers, zucchini and additional peppers & tomatoes.
  • More than 100 seed packets were sent to community partners including Centro Hispano, Briarpatch and some Spanish-speaking in-home daycare providers.
  • The Seed Library at Goodman South Madison was also featured in a "virtual field trip" hosted by Pasture and Plenty and Chef Yusuf Bin-Rella. Chef Yusuf stopped on a Wednesday in June and we talked about the seed library and shared seeds with students from his virtual cooking class.

At Lakeview Library: 

We've given away approximately 770 packets of seeds. Of the seeds that we’ve given away at Lakeview, tomatoes, beans, peas, and lettuce have been most popular. By category of seed, we’ve given away:

  • 190 flower packets
  • 125 herb packets
  • 460 veggie packets

Stand Out Moments:

A Special Offering: Pollinator Seeds

In addition to our usual seed library offerings, we gave away 1,070 packets of native pollinator seeds at all nine Madison Public Library locations thanks to a donation of seed packets from American Transmission Company’s Grow Smart program. Though the donation was a one-time offer, we intend to make native plants a fixture in the future. You can read more and learn how to request seeds from Goodman South Madison or Lakeview Library online at madpl.org/seedlibrary!