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Local 7th-Grader Pens a Poem for National Poetry Month

Claire BundersThe Madison Public Library loves supporting young writers in our community. When Claire Bunders' teacher sent us the poem she wrote and asked us to share, we were inspired by Claire's commitment to women's rights and her advocacy for women's sports teams. As we turn the page from Women's History Month to National Poetry Month, this poem is a natural segue in which we get to celebrate both events.

Claire thought of the library as a place she could share her work because she's been connected with Madison Public Library from a young age. According to her mother, she has grown up going to the Sequoya Library and received a Library Card from there a few years back. At a young age, Claire and her mom participated in many library activities such as story time and mommy baby hour. Claire would also go with her Grandma to play in the play area, look for pictures in the children’s sections and enjoy the books. Many thanks to Claire, her teacher Miss Thaves and her family for sharing Imagine That with us!

Imagine That

Imagine that you studied so long 
And someone else didn’t study 
They did well and you did not 
How would you feel, how would you feel?

Imagine that you graduated top of your class
But this guy graduated last 
You work for the same company
But he still makes more money than you
How would you feel, how would you feel?

Imagine that…
Women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes
Why can’t it be equal?
Women make less than men in every occupation except five
Why can’t it be equal?
Women earn the majority of college degrees but they still make less
Why can’t it be equal?
Get used to this because it’s just facts
Why can’t we change it and not just turn our backs?

Imagine that you are a single mom and work a 9-5 job
Your friend (who is a male) works the same job and is a single dad
He is economically stable but you aren’t 
Why is that you ask?
Because the mom makes less money than her friend
Just because she is a women

Imagine that everyday you wake up with a million thoughts of what you want to do
But knowing the society that we live in today
You know that you will be judged for it
I want our world to make young girls feel like they can do anything
Because they can do anything
They should always love and trust in themselves because they can do it

Imagine that your a little girl, and all you want to do is 
To sit down with your family, and watch your favorite team on TV
But you can’t because they aren’t on 
You flip through the channels and find hockey
But wait it’s the terrible men’s team 
Up the stairs and to the computer you go
Clink clank of the keyboard keys and BAM
You’ve written a letter about how we need women’s hockey on TV
You think and think some more
Why is it like this? Why does it have to be like this?

Fast forward a few months and your dad plays in a hockey tournament
As amazing as actuality, a women who used to play for the women’s hockey team
Became the goalie for your dad’s team 
She gave the letter to the people she knew, the ones who could make a change
Never did you receive something back but that won’t stop you from fighting for a change

You might ask yourself why that is so descriptive 
That is because it’s a true story 
But that’s beside the point
My point is we have come along way in women’s rights
Now we can vote, work and live our lives
But there is so much more that needs to be done
We need EQUAL RIGHTS not just good enough

We need more women in political positions
We need more women’s athletics on TV 
They need to air just the same as men’s sports do
And to all those people who will tell people that women sports are not on TV because of money
I guarantee you at least 50% of the people who watch men’s sport would watch women’s sports
Just the same
You need to give us a  chance to show you what we can do 
Then judge us for who we truly are
Maybe that will change your opinion

Claire's Bio: Claire Bunders is a seventh grader at Our Lady Queen of Peace School. Claire is quite active in sports such as volleyball, hockey, and dance. Since she was young she has enjoyed writing absolutely anything down with a pen and paper. Along with that Claire has recognized the inequality between women and men. She expressed her opinions through a letter to the Wisconsin Badgers about the treatment of the men versus women’s hockey teams despite the talent of either. This event was an inspiration for the writing of her poem.

Mar 30, 2021