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Literacy Network Offers Community English Classes

Sign up for Community English Classes from the Literacy Network

Literacy Network offers dozens of classes for English language learners.  We're happy to partner with Literacy Network to offer one class - Community English - through our Goodman South Madison Library. The class runs each Saturday, September 11-December 11 from 10am to noon. The majority of classes will be online on Zoom, but on September 18, October 16 and December 11, classes will be held in-person at the Goodman South Madison Library.

Literacy Network will mail textbooks and workbooks to students for the class. Topic options include everyday conversation, English for work, and using library resources.  Please call Becky Fabrizio at Literacy Network at (608) 268-6425 or email her at becky@litnetwork.org for more information and to sign up if interested.

No computer? No internet? Madison Public Library has internet and computers available.

About Literacy Network

Literacy Network teaches reading, writing, communication, and computer skills to Dane County adults so they can achieve financial security, well-being, and deeper engagement with their families and the community. Literacy Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of professional teachers, tutors, volunteers and donors working together to improve adult literacy in Dane County. All programs are free of charge.

Literacy Network offers classes on a range of topics, including:

Visit Literacy Network website to sign up for classes or call their office at 608-244-3911 to make an appointment. During the registration appointment:

Aug 28, 2021