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Library Takeover Teams Announced

Nov 10, 2021
Library Takeover Teams Announced

We're excited to welcome the three winning teams for Library Takeover! The three selected teams will take a series of event planning workshops to help them refine the style, size and scope of the events they're planning, as well as how to budget, market and evaluate the success of an event.

Meet Team 1

Library Takeover Team 1 2021Team 1's proposal is called Thrival Tools: On Indigenous Survival and Brilliance! They hope to bring greater awareness to Indigenous livelihoods and their resiliency in their own words and methods.

Application Excerpt: "So often, Indigenous narratives are told without our presence and focus on our genocide and disenfranchisement. We are more than this, and we haven’t seen a Native library takeover. We would like to use our experience, knowledge, and connections to make this happen. Chi miigwech!" 

Team pictured left to right: nipinet (Anishinaabe, Michif), Aabaabikaawikwe (Anishinaabe) + Winona Waaseyaa (Anishinaabe), nibiiwakamigkwe (Onyota'a:ka, Anishinaabe, Métis)

Meet Team 2

Library Takeover Team 2 2021Meet Team 2 for Library Takeover! This team wants to host a large-scale story slam event at the library.

Application excerpt: "We would be especially interested in attracting people who have stories to tell about invisible but essential work. We hope to hear from frontline workers and workers considered 'essential' during the pandemic. We want to foster racial diversity and support BIPOC storytellers and women storytellers."

Team pictured from left to right: Dave Nelson, Mel Hammond, Charles Payne and Zachary. 

Meet Team 3

Library Takeover Team 3 2021Last but not least, let's meet Team 3 for Library Takeover this year! This team shared a recent NPR report in their application that said American Muslims are 2x more likely to have attempted suicide than any other group.

Application Excerpt: "Mental health is talked about very seldomly within the Muslim community, and there is a need for cultural competency around American Muslim nuances for educators and mental health providers outside of the community. This event would provide a bridge between mental health basics and the nuances of American Muslim context."

Team pictured clockwise from top left are Kelly Saran, Maryam Ahmed, Haroon Zahid and Dania Shoukfeh.

This is essential work and we are looking forward to events on these topics in Spring 2022! We are very excited about the selected teams and what they plan to present. We'll keep you posted as we follow along on their journey from ideation phase to event phase!