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Madison Public Library received a 4-star rating for third consecutive year in Library Journal’s Index of Public Library Service for 2018. An enormous "thank you" to all of our library staff, customers, partners, and supporters for helping to make this happen! 

The scoring process identified 257 Star libraries that received ratings from 3-5 stars, from among 7,361 U.S. public libraries qualified to be rated in the Index.  

The LJ Index rates U.S. public libraries based on selected per capita output measures. Five different measures of the service libraries deliver to their communities were taken into account when determining this year’s Index scores and star status: overall circulation, circulation of electronic materials, library visits, program attendance, and public Internet computer use. Libraries are compared to peers in their budget category.  

Madison Public Library is in the $10-$29 million expenditure range category with a service population of 266,807.  The library’s measures are: circulation per capita (14.06), e-circulation per capita (1.06), visits per capita (8.12), program attendance per capita (.42), and public internet computer use per capita (2.88).

“Madison is a community of readers and learners, and a community that supports its public libraries,” said Library Director Greg Mickells.  “We are grateful for continued support of Madison’s libraries, and proud of this recognition.  It is a reflection on our staff, our library customers, and our programming partners.”

Only one other library in Wisconsin was named a star library in 2018; North Freedom Public Library received a 5 star rating in the $50-99,000 category.

The 2018 Index derives from data recently released by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for FY16. For more information about the Star Library ratings and the LJ Index, see https://www.libraryjournal.com/?page=americas-star-libraries-2018

Library Journal Star 2018

Dec 17, 2018