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Learn Basic Sign Language

Oct 3, 2022
Learn basic sign language by taking a class at Madison Public Library

Madison Public Library is hosting multiple opportunities to get started with Sign Language! Increase your understanding of body language and Sign Language as a conceptual and visual language. Sign has a wide range of uses: to indicate to a spouse you need to leave a room, to form a bond with a child, to be an effective communicator in customer service, and to communicate with individuals who use sign. We will discuss disability challenges and curiosities. Instructed by Rhiannon Gurley, a hard-of-hearing, inclusion advocate.

Upcoming Events: 

Monday, October 24, 6-7:45PM | Meadowridge Library

Wednesday, November 9, 5-7PM | Goodman South Madison Library

Thursday, November 17, 6-7:45PM | Lakeview Library

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Click the links above to register. 

Can't make a class? Try Transparent Languages online using your library card! They recently added an American Sign Language course.